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Wandro Attorneys Achieve Iowa Supreme Court Victory

On March 12, 2021, Wandro & Associates achieved victory in front of the Iowa Supreme Court on an appeal. This case had previously been before the district court, which ruled that payments made to an employee under a company's deferred compensation plan were not exempt from garnishment. Wandro & Associates appealed. Attorneys Brian Lalor, Kara Simons, and Steve Wandro appeared before the Iowa Supreme Court, arguing that the district court had erred and that payments made to a debtor under a deferred compensation plan were statutorily exempt from garnishment.

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court entered a ruling overturning that decision. The Court ultimately found that the deferred compensation payments paid under the plan were a substitute for wages and similar to payments made under a pension or annuity, and were thus statutorily exempt from garnishment. This is a conclusive victory for our client and for our team.

Congratulations Brian, Kara, and Steve!

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