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One small but significant step has been made towards decriminalizing marijuana. On October 6, 2022, President Biden announced plans to pardon individuals who have been convicted of simple marijuana possession under federal laws. This move could positively impact thousands of people who were charged and convicted under federal marijuana laws. Although it does not expunge the conviction, the presidential pardon will reinstate certain civil rights to the beneficiaries of this action.

However, this pardon will not apply to the following:

1. Those who have state court convictions for marijuana (not federal convictions);

2. Those who were charged with a federal marijuana offense after October 6th; and

3. Those who were not a legal citizen at the time of the offense.

To receive the federal pardon, you must complete an online application, which should be available in the near future. More information can be found at the following site:

Check the Wandro website for new updates:

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